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2023 Wellness Opportunities with Cathy

Wellness Opportunities @ the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat in the Adirondack “Healing Woods.”

6 Retreats - 4 Fun Weekends - 9 Online Workshops


Cathy Hohmeyer

Executive Chef, Energist

Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat


What is one of the oldest Adirondack Mountain economies? You probably would guess tourism and outdoor recreation. But a half a century before the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympic games and before the rail and roads connected these remote sylvan woods, wellness was a dominant industry.

Beginning in the 1800’s, all walks of life came for the “cure,” as TB patients sought the pristine air and natural tonics of the Adirondacks. From Robert Louis Stevenson to the baseball Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson, whole communities were born as “Cure Cottages,” from the Great Camps to private homes in the Lake Clear, Saranac Lake and Paul Smiths area.

As the longest operating Great Camp in the Adirondack Park, family operated since 1886, the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat continues this wellness tradition in what became known as the “Healing Woods, with a series of opportunities for self-care from intensive retreats to fun, introductory weekends as well as online gatherings. Offerings range from "Learning to Re-energize your Food,” to “Rediscovering the Multi-dimensional You, of Mind, Body & Spirit!”

Programs are coordinated by founding family member Cathy Hohmeyer, Executive Chef & Energist and a host of international, national and Adirondack wellness practitioners.

Welcome to the World of Nutritional Energetics in the Adirondack Park!

Three (3) programs set the stage beginning with introductory workshops to understanding that what makes you, you, requires a connecting, holistic approach.

  • It all begins with food and redefining what it means, and the role it plays not only for physical nourishment but energizing our mind and spirit. Introductory classes begin with how you can maximize the nutrient density of different meals, understanding the importance of the colors of food, essential oils, and cooking strategies that target your energy and spirit and, along the way, spice up that flavor!

Advanced food courses make the connection between mind, body and spirit as we enter the world of Nutritional Energetics. Learn to know your personal energetic blueprint as we explore the nine (9) levels of natural nourishment. BioAcoustics, Block Therapy, Frequencies of Food, and Lifewave Patches, are a sample of nurturing your nature!

Who Should Participate? Those who

  • Are seeking to explore food as a multidimensional source of energy

  • Want to add culinary techniques to Up the Vibe of Food

  • Are Interested in the natural nourishment of your mind, body and soul.

  • Want to understand your energetic blueprint as a holistic approach to wellness

  • Have an interest in exploring energetic techniques

Three (3) Options to Participate:


Interactive and learning intense, with abundant opportunities to connect, relax and rejuvenate in our “Healing Woods,” a four season outdoor destination filled with nature and wellness opportunities from nature hikes and paddling to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and connections to the region’s wellness practitioners from zero balancing and massage therapy to BioAcoustics. The Lake Clear Lodge is a National Geographic Traveler award winner for “Keeping a Sense of Place,” It is on 25 acres of expansive woods, nature trails, with a world-renowned mountain-lake sunset, plus artisan lodgings with fireplaces and jacuzzis and a traditional foods Adirondack Alps restaurant.

May 28th- June 3rd (Sunday - Friday) Light Warrior Training Camp

Join Dr. Karen Kan and Learn about her Academy of Light Medicine.

Light Warrior Training Camp.

Sensitivity is your Superpower: Access Your Intuition, Activate Deep Autohealing , Accelerate Your Manifesting Power

June 11th-15th (Sunday - Wed ) The Right Stuff: Re-imagining Food “Nutrition”

The body is a multitude of networks including physical, sensory, electrical and energetic pathways that connect your mind, body and spirit. Food is what keeps us alive but we think of it only from our bodies standpoint. Food is also important to feed your mind and spirit. Welcome to the multi-dimensional world of food as we explore key connections from getting the most nutrients from your foods to understanding the importance of the colors of food, nutrient density and your own energetic blue-print. Join us for a fascinating look at the multi-dimensional world of food and how it relates to our mind, body and spirit. Learn ancient teachings as well as new innovations as we explore nourishing your mind, body and spirit!

September 12th - 14th (Tuesday - Thursday) Unblock your Body with BLOCK THERAPY

Fascia! Have you heard of it? It’s the layers on your body that help hold your structure and nourish all parts of the body. From the begining, ancient cultures spoke of energy flows throughout the body and how the flow of energy is paramount to wellness.

Learn to balance and un-restrict these layers for better movement and flow within your body.

Everyone can do it. Learn how simple the process is so that you can do it most anytime you can. Its another way to provide nourishment to body, mind and spirit.

September 15th - 17th (Friday - Sunday) Cosmic Kitchen

Create energetic magic in your kitchen to energize your food, improve its nutrients and give it a natural zest.

Learn to test the Light Score of Food, create your Cosmic Kitchen Pantry with frequency numbers and learn the many complexities of water and much more.

Recipes and “How to at Home,” This retreat is packed with practical info you can use right away!

Oct 12th -15th ( Thursday - Sunday) Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

Learn the 9 areas of Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body. Plus your Ancient Biological BioCodes and how they relate to Health and Wellness!! These BioCodes can be an important part of how we manage both our biology AND our energetic world. Learn about

*Your Energetic Software System and how it relates to Lifeforce AND Health and Wellness

* Learn about the different frequencies in food and how you can focus the right foods with the nutrients you need.

October 16th - 20th (Sun -Thurs) All-star Wellness

Are you a Wellness Practitioner or Primary Caregiver?

How about some time for you?! Located in the “Healing Woods,” relax, rejuvenate through a unique mix of nature-based activities, down-time and fun and integrative experiences from “Maintaining Your Vibe,” re-imagining food as a source of energy with recipes and how to’s and learning about and monitoring your energetic blueprint.

Interact with others in the field and take time for yourself in 25-acres of woods and water in one of the last of the original Adirondack Great Camps open to the public.

Weekend Themed Events

Fun for both you, and family and friends, there are experiences for everyone. While you attend a workshop, family members can experience a nearly unlimited range of activities both outdoor and in, and from on-site options such as exploring New York State’s only wilderness canoe area and our own History of Beer Tastings and Roll-n-the-Dough Cooking demos to our surrounding artisan, historical and Olympic regions.

March 11th-13th (Friday - Sunday)

History of Food Weekend Series: History of Spices & Flavoring Your Menu

Throughout the year on special weekends, we offer a “History of Food Series.” In March we’ll focus on “History of Spices & Flavoring Your Menu.” Since the dawn of the earliest known cooking techniques, the search for spices has been a historical quest. Savor some of the original spices and learn their history from medicinal and those believed from the gods, to the exotic, and how their pursuit formed the quest of world discovery, war, and associations with people and cultures.

July 21st - 23rd (Friday - Sunday) History of Food Weekend Series: Colors of Food

A Color FULL Weekend!

Join the Plein Air painters - no experience needed!

When it comes to Food - Did you know that EACH color of food is a different nutrient? AND did you know that each color is a frequency that can correspond to a frequency of the body? Join us for a fun, fascinating look at Food and Frequency.

September 8th - 9th (Saturday - Sunday) History of Food Series: Ancient Wisdom - Today’s Nutrition: Myths, Fables, & Nutritious Recipes!

Learn how people from around the World made nutritious foods years ago - and how you can repeat those same methods today - easily and simply.

Participate in a Nourishing Foods DInner

September 22nd - 24th (Friday - Sunday) See, Paint & Taste Octoberfest!

Join the Plein Air painters and immerse yourself in the Myths & History of German Foods. What is the history of Spatzle & taste the different kinds! Is German Sauerbraten the same and how did President Kennedy become confused with a German donut? Did you know that German chocolate cake has nothing to do with Germany? Sample various German foods through our History of Food Tasting Series with cooking demos, trivia and sumptuous history!

On-line Workshops

These are both live and pre-recorded, with interactive Q&A. Do these in the sanctuary of your home and still have opportunities to interact. These workshops typically set the stage for in-person weekend events and retreat orientated activities.

Energetic Tools in Kitchen

Energetic Tools in the Kitchen

Want to bring Energy back into your food?

Do you want to see some tools and processes that you can use in the kitchen to improve the “vibe” of your food?

This is a fun informative mini program with a Live Q&A session

March / June / August

Intro to Culinary Naturopathy - The RIght Stuff

Learn how just 2-3 generations ago , we knew how to keep nutrients in our food and stay healthier in the process. Learn the simple processes you can do in your kitchen - both simple AND cost effective

January / April / July

How to Get the Most from Your Food

Demos for a few simple processes that help you get the most from your food.

Join us for some fun !

May / August

10 Essentials of a Wellness Kitchen

We will take a look at some herbs, and superfoods and pantry items for the

Kitchen of today. Come with pencil and paper!!

Jan / May / August

Seasonal Broths/Soups/Stews

No matter what the Season - homemade Soup, Stews and Broths are welcome keys to nourishment and comfort.

One pot meals and stocks.

Feb / May / Aug

Intro to Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

How to Nourish mind, body and soul through the 9 multi-dimensional levels

Want to know how manifestation happens? Or How you are a Fractal of the Universe?

March / April / June / Aug / Dec


There are 5 Biological laws that govern how the body operates. Re-Discover what you know is true - Your body knows how to heal itself when given the right stuff!

April / June / Aug

Your Cosmic Toolkit

Ever wonder what your biological and spirit “software” is and how it interrelates??

NOW you will know! And how to keep that body software up and running top speed

April / June / Aug

Intro to the Cosmic Kitchen

Become your OWN Kitchen Alchemist. Want to know how to tell if there is Lifeforce in your food? How to return food to what it used to be?? Or how math relates to good food? Bring your funny hat and join in!!

March / June / Aug

For More Info & To Contact Us

For more information on the Nutritional Energetics experiences, please click to the link. For the updated calendar, please visit You can also email or call directly at 518-891-1489.

Cathy is more than happy to share her knowledge as a guest author/speaker.

We look forward to hearing from you where you can discover our nature and re-connect with yours!


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