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About Cathy : Executive Chef, Real Foods & Super Foods Nutritionist,  

Holistic Health Activator / Energist & Occupational Therapist

and co-owner of The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat


Take a cooking class and learn basic skills, take a class in desserts or sautes or  go beyond and join a class for healers

focusing on high vibrational foods.  Or see her for a private session.  See the class or events calendars here.

 Come for an hour, a day or a week, or talk with Cathy by phone or email.

 You can prepare foods to maximize bio-availability of nutrients and ease digestion


 You can identify and clear lower vibrating energies trapped in your body

that may be inhibiting your body's natural healing power


 You can energize your body's "nourishment"  within multidimensional levels to  

increase the quality of light to your cells


Learn cooking basics or go well beyond into food preparations for 

our changing world - for mind, body and spirit.

For almost 29 years Chef Cathy has been the Executive Chef at the Lake Clear Lodge resort and restaurant which she owns and operates with her husband, 3 children and long term staff. Interest in health began with her private practice in Occupational Therapy in Washington DC, leading to wanting to own her own health related resort. She is a founder/member of the Adirondack Wellness Network.

Cathy's Signature cuisine at her restaurant/resort

Cathy has her own signature cuisine that she calls "Adirondack Alps" - classic Old World European dishes with Adirondack local foods. She has also created "interpretive dinners", where you learn as you eat. She runs a local food buyers club as well as a finish-it-fresh food store.

Food preparation methods "that work with nature" is her passion

Using much of the research by Weston A Price as a foundation for teaching food preparation methods that kept peoples all over the world healthy for generations, She stresses the use of  foods for digestive/immune system health using proven methods as well as incorporating superfoods, spices and herbs and even essential oils for health and flavor. 

Aside from daily chores of operating a small resort, Cathy is a Certified BodyMind Nutritionist, a Certified Superfoods Coach and is a Registered Occupational Therapist.  Versed in many of the healing diets (ie ADHD, bone loss, elderly nutrtion and more) .  She can help you explore the possibilities for yourself and your family - to play a part in your own health.


Nutritional Energetics
working with "quantum nutrition" in 9 dimensions

Holistic Health has been making major strides !

Cathy is a certified Holisic Health Activator & Energist.

She has "studied" with several quantum field masters and has developed her own Nutritional Energetics Program:

Learn to identify the blockages and interfreences that may be affecting your natural ability to heal.  

* assess the body's state of health energetically

* clear the blockages and negative energies

* re-tune the body's frequencies 

see  Cathy's certifications

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