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What is the  Emotion Code ?
Check it out here
Cathy is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Reference: Dr Karen Kan, MD
Want to know more? Contact Cathy here 

Are you feeling like your Emotions are getting the best of you?  

Do certain people know how to push your buttons?

Did you know that trapped emotions can be identified and released for greater health and energy?  

Sessions can be done by phone or written report.
All results are strictly confidential.
Would you like to learn How your body can tell you what you need
Cathy can help you with kinesiology and muscle testing to find your own answers

LifeWave Patch Technology

See the video with Dr Karen Kan,MD and Cathy for an intro

Bodies are electrical and magnetic. Many techniques can bring you back to balance so that nutrients can reach the cells.

If you want to learn to listen, your body can tell you what is best.


Energetics Work

Cathy is versed in Awakening Dynamics, Quantum Activations , TolpaKan, Emotion Code and Body Code, Anahata Codes and LLoyd Mear Body Frequencies as well as David Wolfe's "Color Cure" foods program

German New Medicine

the body / mind /emotion links correlated and charted and backed by MRI studies

Look at dis-ease and healing in a whole new way


Energy Medicine Techniques


Earthing, BEMER technology and 

Acupuncture without needles (Lifewave technology)

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