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Since 2015, Cathy has been a featured Holistic Practitioner on the International Summits: From Heartache to Joy, Academy of the Soul and You Wealth Revolution (Dec 2022)

Bodies are a wondrous combination of electrical and magnetic frequencies.

                                              Many techniques can bring you back to balance so that nutrients can reach the cells

Step 1: Assess the Body's Energetic State of Health

What is the energetic state of health?

By assessing certain areas of the body (by intuitive energetic muscle testing) and the possible absence of body frequencies, we can identify areas that need balancing.

1) Cathy can give you a 12 page report on your energy system at the time via the Biowell when you visit her.

2) Cathy can - with permission, help you read intuitive messages from your body - this can be remotely done from any part of the world

Step 2: What Energetic Balancing system will work best for you?

We can find what technique will be most beneficial to you

Step 3: Are there Energetic blocks, programs or beliefs keeping you from healing?

Do you have the subconscious beliefs that are beneficial for a certain issue?

Do you have trapped emotions or a "heart wall"?

DO you need body frequencies for balanced energy flow

Step 4: The Nine Dimensions of Nourishment

Unique to Cathy's program -  

Add nourishment to your Multidimensional Body through energetics of foods and frequencies within the nine dimensions

Cathy is a Certified Lightwave Technician

This is an awesome 6th Dimensional process now available for the Human Blueprint!

It is like a Gourmet Infusion and Balancing  

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Cathy can help you identify and clear energetic blocks as well as "Nourish" your physical  and energetic body.

Emotion Code  *   Lightwave Balancing *  

Balancing by Numbers  *  Food Preparations for Maximum Nutrient Density and Absorption * Identifying and clearing programs ....

The Emotion Code / Body Code

Cathy is a certified Emotion Code practitioner

Re-establish and tune up
your body's frequencies
Find out How

12 hour patches for reconnecting your meridians


Called "Acupuncture without needles"

Cathy uses these and they have been very helpful - contact her for more.

Cathy is a certified super foods nutritionist. The most natural and co-energetic "supplements" for our body are superfoods and super herbs - those foods and herbs with high levels of vitamins, mineral and cofactors.


Cathy is a Certified  Lightwave Technician

                        Experience the Lightwave Energy Infusion Process

Balance Your Chakras

Balance Your Body Elementals

Balance Your 12 Body Systems

Awaken your body's multidimensional integration system

and be nourished with frequencies needed by your bodies matrix

Plus Learn 5 "forcefield" techniques to keep you protected from lower frequency energy


German New Medicine

the body / mind /emotion links correlated and charted and backed by MRI studies

Cathy can tell you if you have a repeating track

Energy Medicine Techniques


Earthing, BEMER technology and 

Acupuncture without needles (Lifewave technology)

How your body can tell you what you need
Superfoods, Super Herbs & Essential Oils
Cathy has trained with David Wolfe, Superfoods Nutritionist
Holistic You Tube links

If you want to learn to listen, your body can tell you what is best. Everyone has an electrical system so everyone can learn muscle testing.


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