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Learning to Stay Well, Pt 1 - March 2020

Who is Dr Cowan??

Everyone is putting together their own thoughts and actions during this time to make them feel safe. Mine is reading and gathering info - I search out my own info with people that, in my opinion, have integrity and true concern for the majority.

This new video with Dr Cowan was sent to me twice today - so I'll follow that lead and tell you why.

Some of you know that part of MY passion is to cook and teach traditional food preparations.

Training of these preparations has been though the Weston A Price Foundation via Dr Price's research many years ago. He wanted to find people who were truly healthy and understand why. I teach and cook using many of these processes in my Culinary Naturopathy Programs.

Dr. Cowan, a holistic doctor, has been one of the spokes persons for the WAPF for many years and now has a short video of how he sees the situation in March 2020. He also has written many books including a book on the Cosmic Heart (its not a pump) and Cancer &

The more one hears - the more complicated it seems - until it isn't..

Here is a list of resources within this blog:

My interview with Dr Cowan when he first introduced his vegetable powders and was releasing his new book

Interview with my friend and colleague Dr Karen Kan with Dr Cowan - Cancer & the New Biology of Water

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