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Looking for a fun day or evening out?  

Schedule your own private class!  Schedule a specific healthy cooking class or check out the fun group classes below.

Couples who want to learn something new together or small groups who want to have a different night out or a rainy day activity.

                      Make it a class or add the meal!                                      Call Chef Cathy for more info (518) 891-1489  or email 

Ladies Only!
Ladies - time to have some fun in the kitchen

Its your turn in the kitchen - grab a glass of wine and have a night out with the girls!   Great idea for a bridal party or a girls only birthday - OK - you can add the guys if you wish

For Men Only!
Guys - Impress your date!

Learn to make a meal that will make you look like a pro!  Browse our one-of-a-kind walk in beer cellar - add a beer tasting workshop.

Family Night Out
Just have some fun or learn to cook yummy dishes together that fit that food sensitivity.

Moms and Daughters, Parents and Kids, little kids too.  We will turn off the cell phones for just a bit and use our hands for more than typing. Make it a class or add a meal.

A romantic evening can start with an apron on
Just you two, then have a private dinner
Kids in the Kitchen
Chef Cathy always plays with her food and has taught her three kids too!
Come play!

Health snacks can be made when you play with your food.  Rollups, healthy "candy" balls, and great (real gelatin) snacks. We might even make homemade marshmallows!  One family member over 14 may be required to attend.

Friends Night Out
Grab some friends and come play in the kitchen!
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