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Cathy's Culinary Naturopathy

                                Nurturing Nature's Culinary Energy ...


My look at Culinary Naturopathy involves the ancient wisdom of foods, their preparations by truly healthy populations from around the world and eating foods to enhance the mind/body relationships and the body's natural state towrds health.


By learning to: 


Go beyond organic and local - source not only organic/ sustainable foods but prepare them to maintain and even enhance the nutrients available in them


Prepare foods to increase the enzyme content, bioavailability and digestibility


Add those  superfoods and super herbs now available to us - to your diet for natural "supplementation"


superfoods   *    herbs & essential oils   * raw foods *   how your body can tell you what you need *   energy medicine techniques *

German New Medicine *  Nourishing your Multidimensional Body (thru 9 dimensions)



Book an online Emotion Code Session with Cathy - first 15 minutes session free, call or email
Superfoods, Super Herbs & Essential Oils
Herbs & Spices

The most natural and co-energetic "supplements" for our body are superfoods and super herbs - those foods and herbs with high levels of vitamins, mineral and cofactors

Learn about Herbs and Spices for flavor and function.  

How your body can tell you what you need

If you want to learn to listen, your body can tell you what is best. Everyone has an electrical system so everyone can learn muscle testing.


Bodies are electrical and magnetic. Many techniques can bring you back to balance so that nutrients can reach the cells

The Emotion Code / Body Code

Cathy is a certified Emotion Code practitioner. 

Learn more here

Email Cathy for a session at

sessions can be online, call for info

Trapped emotions can be identified and released for better health


Holistic You Tube links

German New Medicine

the body / mind /emotion links correlated and charted and backed by MRI studies

Look at dis-ease and healing in a whole new way


Energy Medicine Techniques


Earthing, BEMER technology and 

Acupuncture without needles (Lifewave technology)

12 hour patches for reconnecting your meridians


Called "Acupuncture without needles"

Cathy uses these and they have been very helpful - contact her for more.

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