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Become Self Empowered when it comes to Nourishing your Family

 Learn to Nourish your cells and body at all levels

with Cathy Hohmeyer, Chef & Energist

 Taking foods to the next level  with "Proper Preparations"

and "Nutritional Consciousness"

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Nourishing the Multidimensional Body!

"Diet" is not just about what you eat - it's what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around and what you watch.  They are all certain frequencies and energies.  It also about knowing what state your body is at and what nourishment it needs via your Ancient BioCodes and voice print frequency reports.


Your fascial system is your "energy light" system!!

Cathy is a certified Block Therapy Instructor..... 
join in a live class with Cathy
or come to a retreat to unlock with the Block!  Great for all ages and stages!

Welcome to Cosmic Nutrition & 
Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

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Welcome to my home in the "Healing Woods"


Nutritional Support

You tubes

Check these out, even if you dont want to cook


Energetic Resources

Part 1 Reset Breath & Quiet Touch

        Click the Video to the right

Part 2 Frequency Breath

             Play the audio player , right

Part 3  Human Spirit Access Portal PPT

Part 4  Activating your Multidimensional Integration System for better utilization of Energy Frequencies



Page of the MP3 Nutritionals with PDFS


Amazing Water and how to store energized water


Bonus : Human Assemblage Beam

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