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Thermogenic Superfoods

Foods  *  Energetics *  Water Charging

Thermogenic Superfoods Foods

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Curries at Camden Market London

Thermogenic Superfoods

Frequency Numbers

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Be sure you watched Class One summary below

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Below are Frequency Numbers 


1) Charge Waters by placing  labels with numbers on them to infuse the energy in

2)  Say these numbers 7 x to place them in your energy field

3)  Write them on posters or paper and place in your house, office, etc

Hot Peppers         88573647687
Ginger                      48576743677
Tumeric                   79574867476
Cardomon             335664662775567
Garlic                         78276748675
Cayenne                  93374768479


Balance Your Human Assemblage Beam       Frequency Number    =       46362858676

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