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NOTE MP3s are infused with the Solfeggio healing tones and will sound slightly different

Want to download the MP3s ??  

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The pdf says they will be emailed (on Wednesdays - all is inclusive on this page now

Each PDF below as a reminder to use your MP3 and will attune you to its properties,

Stay Nourished!,   

Important Update! Detox and Balancing MP3

Detox and Balancing!  Important update - see the PDF Kidneys support your Life Force and ground other organs - yet our Earth grounding mechanism is changing. Tend to your kidneys and command an internal grounding for you - as well as if it is good for you to ground with Mother Earth where you are....

Beauty Boost

Beauty Nutritionals plus the 528 Solfeggio  for DNA rejuvenation, skin repair and immune system.  I re-taped the MP3 itself by request as some was silent on the original.

I will email you the MP3 and place it here as well!

Evening Restoration

Gather your energies from the day, have a "glass of wine" or a warm cup of milk and Sleep Well!


The phytonutrients from all the color spectrums, with an extra boost from the blues and violets -the highest vibration now needed for ascending bodies. (Did you know that the color blue was the last to "evolve")

Plus immune system support mushrooms like chaga and reishi.  

Stem Cell Boost

Regeneration counts on stem cells.  But I also added extra for your myelin sheath!  

Myelin is a fatty white substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming an electrically insulating layer. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. I found that this is where our body stores LIGHT via Adamantine particles.

Brain Boost

Boost your Brain Power and "Immunity"

Plus Bonus "brain numbers"

Superfoods Blast

This is a POWER HOUSE!

Bone Building & Renewal

Bone Building & Renewal

Morning Cell Protection

Morning Cell Protection

Energized Water

Energized water 

Erase negative memories from the water, prepare for optimal hydration for the body cell, optimize lightscore plus lemon essential oil

Energy Boost

Energy Boost MP3 Resource

Travel, Home and Office - for Grounding, Clearing and Protection

Use it in your home or high rise office.

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Beauty Boost MP3 #2 - Nutrtional Energetics
Detox & Balance - Kidney grounding update
Evening Restoration - Nutritional Energetics
Antioxidant Boost - Nutritional Energetics
Stem Cell Boost - Nutritional Energetics
Brain Boost / Balance - Nutritional Energetics
Superfoods Blast - Nutritional Energetics
Bone Building - Nutritional Energetics
Morning Cell Protection - Nutritional Energetics
Energized Water, - Nutritional Energetics
Energy Boost - Nutritional Energetics
Travel, Home and Office - Nutritional Energetics
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