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Water - Week One

It is fun and empowering to use water infusions and intentions - I will add more as bonus infusions as we go along

Practice infusing water with Aquaware custom intents - you will be using the video below

1)  Get a glass of water (I usually place it to the left of my computer)

2)  Play the video below - Place your intention on the water

         a)  the program will "blank slate" the water - it will take past memories from the water to purify it.  You will see the glass on the video "fill up"

          b) the program will "prepare" your water for optimal hydration - you will see the person "fill up"

          c)  The program will infuse your water with the 3 intents:

deep clearing, forcefield ascended space, healing of the complete human being

Sip on your water Hint: Take a taste of your water before and after

Note :   Water charging will start about the 17 sec mark.....

Clearing and Charging Water

You can use this one below to clear and charge (any) water, cup of coffee, etc

Place your glass of water in your hand or on the table, I usually place mine to the right of the computer..

Place Your intention on the water

Play the program below

It will blank slate the water, prepare the water and then energize the water

Your water or beverage is now infused and will hold the Light paths for approx 24 hours - enjoy.  Sip or place in a bottle for later.

Cleanse and Activate Your Multidimensional Integration System

1)  Charge a glass of water using the general charging in the video right above

2) Play the video below with your attention on the water - this has infused in it the intention of Activating and Cleansing Your Multidimensional Integration System located approx in your stomach area in your energy system

In this video, the Source Codes ( the little circles) will start to flash.

Your water is now charged with this intention and will last approx 24 hours - sip and enjoy.

Your Multidimensional Integration System will assist you in integrating frequencies for your body and utilizing them in your Divine Human Blueprint as intended, just like your digestive system knows what to do with foods you eat.

Practice charging your water and enjoy....

Think "the old style KoolAid Pitcher"  It has a rounded bottom.  Use pitchers that are egg shaped on the bottom part - not straight sided pitchers if you are making and "storing" water for use on the counter or fridge.

                                           I use a pitcher like the one on the left

pitcher egg.PNG

Like this 

pitcher straight.PNG

Rather than this

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