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You made it to Package C 
Discovering Your "Sonic Selfie" 

Note to scheduling 11/16 - 12/16.   I will be offering lots of times for sessions prior to Dec 15th .  I am hoping I will get all of you in prior to Dec 16th.  I Iook forward to meeting you!   

Options & Instructions for Package C         5 Options 


Option 1) 

Want just an energy session?

    a)   email me at  and place in the subject line  energy session only and I will send you the booking link. 

Option 2) 

If you know how to record your voice , an audio ... please use a computer not a cell phone or ipad .   Send in your own "sonic selfie"  to , it needs to be a high quality mp3 or .wav file     Just talk for 40 seconds, I dont listen to the audio itself, I just use the frequencies in the file , you can talk about anything - just try and talk (not sing or read)  , save the file as an mp3 or .wav  

Option 3)


Go to  the website   .   Scroll down to the blue box and Follow directions to "record your voice"  DO NOT "join the community and do not SEND TO THEM JUST YET - you can use this as a free report as a follow up if you wish.  NOTE: you will record your voice and it will download onto your computer - you need to find that file (usually in "downloads" )   and attach that file to an email to me at


Option 4) 

Need help with the voice print??    I cant do this for everyone - but if you cant get stuck I am happy to help  -   We can set up a short zoom call and you can do it through zoom into my mic and audacity program  It will download onto my computer immediately.     email me

Option 5   

If you have time scheduling issues, or feel you need energetic assistance right away?? - I can do a remote session with or without your voice print, and follow up with a voice print report at a different time.    Remote session to me means that you do not need to be on the call.  Email me your issues, I will do an energetic exploration/clearing session and send you the audio session file via email.



If you already know how to make your own high quality mp3


1) talk (do not sing or read) for about 40 seconds, you can talk about the health  issue (s) concerning you

2) Dont worry about gaps or the like, I will take care of that so that I have a 30 second sound bite.

3)  you can Submit your Mp3 as an attachment to


Read and choose an option above.


To get your voice print results and book a session.....

Submit your voice print to me at nourishing9d@hot,  in an attachment via MP3 or .wav

I will send an email to confirm receipt - be sure you get that within 48 hours, if you do not get a reply email me again to be sure your email with the attachment came through.

I will complete your report from your voice print and send you back pdf reports.

I will include my booking link so that we can schedule our 1:1 session.  

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