Calibrating Your

Multidimensional Body

Welcome to the Intro to the BioCodes

Bring IN your Source Energy, intend to STORE more Energy in body cavtities

and then let that Strength FLOW through your Meridians.


Some are informational resources for background information if you need them

My START HERE message is at the bottom of this list

Some of this might be review for some of you in prior classes....





The BioField and corrections with infused waters

The BioEnergetix system and the use of infused waters to correct it

A way to Look at Colds And Flu through the BioCodes

Interview with Deanna Courtney, BioCodes Practitioner.  We are talking about colds and flus

Balancing By the Numbers Listen #12

Energy, Numbers, Frequency and the Body Field

Beliefs & Healing Listen #11

Looking at Beliefs through the BioCodes lense , plus downloads

P.S. animals have these codes as well

Coincidence that we are releasing fear on Friday the 13th?? WOW

I think not dear ladies and men too , for your feminine side!     Read on!   This is just an article of interest regarding fear and Friday the 13th.

Kidney Meridian Water Infusion program

Kidney Meridian assistance and flow, I have made my own labels and you can even put your name on them as well

Kidney Program / Fear Release plus energy generator Listen #10

Kidney Program / Fear Release plus energy generator

Chakra Water programs BONUS WATER INFUSION

Chakra waters

make sprays too

Thoughts on BioCodes and negative energies Listen #9

BioCodes and negative energies

Frequency Combos Listen #8

Frequency combos , 4 I think

Class with powerpoint Listen #7

Compass/cycle plus belief session.

Class audio Listen #6

a few tidbits to add to our process

Nutritional Energetics Class Listen #5

Nutritional Energetics Update

Lightwave Balancing - another Lightwave session Listen #4

 Lightwave Balancing - This website doesn't do downloads - I will have to attach this in an email if you want a download 

Just a note as a reminder Listen #3

Cellular respiration

short version of BioCodes Listen #2

short version of GNM.

Start Here Listen Here #1

Intro to the WElcome

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