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Calibrating Your

Multidimensional Body





chakra waters

two ways to use

1)  how balanced is ______ chakra?


2)     - try making your own chart for this 

7 chakras  -


                     so a page of 2 columns, 2 rows  - seven items (chakras)

what chakra needs balancing most now??

find column and row, then take the infused water for that ...

3) use the short cut and infuse a water with all 7 - we will be adding this to our master charts

Why its important to use the 7th Dimension of Sound and Music

this is a facebook video below, 

here is one on YouTube

See the Biofield Balancing CD below

Frequency Number PDF page

Sharing relevant numbers via pic from Balancing By Numbers, Lloyd Mear

you can purchase his book of over 7000 numbers

YOu can make infused waters with the numbers too or add to your bottles

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Calib intro audio - cathy hohmeyer
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