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Learn to Play with your Food!  


We eat everyday - so we might as well have fun!

Want to learn something new? for health, add to your cooking skills or just for something new on your plate!


Join a group class already scheduled, or schedule a private class for yourself or your group

Heritage Cooking


Have some fun with "Adirondack Alps" Cuisine


Quick and easy meals that are European in style, but use Adirondack ingredients as the major component




Wellness Classes


Whether you are just looking for real food cooking, to add  superfoods and superherbs or looking for assistance for dietary challenges like gluten or nutritional relief from ADD/ADHD or autism.


Wellness Classses

Specialty Dietary issues

One on One

Spices and Herbs


Learn the basics of what kept peoples healthy for generations.


Based on years of traveling the globe, Weston A Price explains the principles of healthy preparations.



Bone Broths and Soups


Grains and Legumes

Sourdough Breads

Cooking for Beginners
Herbs and Spices
Preserving Foods 
Baking Breads
Kitchen Skills







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