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You Wealth Package B

Welcome to Cosmic Nutrition & 
Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

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Module 1 Biofield         

Note to You Wealth participants

This info is continually updated in your download page from You Wealth..

Package B Module 2 YouTube below

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Click the blue button below to download the Quanta Cap
              to get your tones sent to you via the app, do this near your 1:1 session and you will be able to choose tones to play as well 

You will receive them as an MP3 as part of the package

Option:  Click the button below to purchase the app for a one time fee and work with any practitioner and get tones sent to you during the classes via the app - they are sent to your email as part of the package. Then you can book subsequent session of you wish to.

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The app is a one time fee to have the Genius connection for the app for "life" - work with any practitioner you wish.

I have a 4 session special for $97... with 2 extra sessions added- one for house clearing and one specialty session   BOOK THAT HERE  (6 sessions )Each playlist will be valid for 7-10 days.   You can use these sessions as often as you want.  IE once a wekk would give you more than a month of harmonizing tones)
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YW  package B , Module 3

Solstice Energy Full Body Attunement

via harmonizing frequencies

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