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Upcoming Classes - Onsite or Online

Weekly Facebook Live - The Akashic Academy Show

Varied Topics related to Nutriitonal Energetics

free online

Sometimes its me and sometimes I interview really cool people...

Click below to see my YouTube Channel

Cooking Classes - Spring / Summer 2018

onsite and online


Making your own probiotic soda, 

contact me for online and onsite schedule plus


BUILD YOUR OWN!   have a group of fiends?  Come here or set a time and "I'll come to your place" online

From cooking simple foods fresh and easy to food energetics...  let's pick a topic that speaks to you!

Stay Nourished! Chef Cathy

Monthly interactive Classes

Join in Onsite or Online


Whether you like "easy-peasy" or "fancy- schmancy" ,

Come on in to Chef Cathy's Old World Kitchen and learn how to keep nutrition in the foods you buy.  Join in the follow up forums and Q&As with Chef Cathy and other class participants.  See for more info about Chef Cathy and The Lake Clear Lodge.

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