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Chef/Energist Cathy's Cookbook 

I hope you enjoy the stories, Adirondack history, recipes and "common roots" preparation TIPS.

Real foods have high Lightscores and are "nutrient dense". This is an intro to making foods that maintain or even INCREASE nutrients as you make them.

Use coupon code Iamawesome in the store  for a free digital copy


Let your voice print "tell you" what your body needs

Join the BioAcoustic Sound Forum at IAUSM and be one of the first 30 to receive a complimentary voice print report. Sound, color and music are the future of Health information!


Contact Cathy here for instructions


How to Nourish for the new age

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The Digestible Baked Goods Challenge

You can have your baked goods and eat them too!

Join the Digestible Baked Goods Forum on IAUSM when you sign up here. Learn more, share your stories and receive notices for live Q&As. 

SIGN UP HERE to receive a week of emails and instruction.

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