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A Multidimensional Look at Life Force Energy

Cosmic Nutrition =
Energy INCOME, .....  Energy STRENGTH .........& Energy FLOW

Start looking at the materials below .....


- I will post a class on how we can look at the Krebs/energy cycle via our voice print and how we can test and affect it energetically.

Examples of how to look at your  "Energy " in the 9 Dimensions

1D) Numbers for Energy - see the "solar energy" numbers plus  

more 1D... Align with the 3 BIG FIELDS - see video below

2D) Probiotics make energy bioavailable - see the garlic example below

3D) A look at the body's Energy Cycle - ATP - Kreb's Cycle !!!   we will simplify energetically

4D)  What emotions zap your energy or give your energy

5D) Heart (love) increases energy, do you have a "heart wall" to release?

6D) What "geometric forms" or pictures do you have around you that are High Energy?? see the link below for my favorites

7D) Sound - What are some songs that "give" you energy

8D) Light - clearing your energy field - see the link below

9D) Up your Life Force with Qi Gong - Cathy is a Pengu QiGong instructor

See each image below for more info

Energy Accelerators

Some of my favorite multidimensional pics are here

Sharing the 12D Shield

Clearing your energy field Click for video

Energy Numbers

Frequency numbers related to Solar Energies

Fish Bowl

Mp4 silent water charging for components of the Krebs Cycle - class will be provided plus a muscle testing chart

Make your own Probiotics for pennies

Use the lifeforce of the 2nd dimension to uplift your energy - here is a fermented garlic recipe

Big Field Aligners

More than just grounding! You need to be aligned to the 3 BIG FIELDS - so my good friend Dr Karn Kan M.D. found out about the aligners from me and did this

Build Life Force

Build life force energy in 20 minutes with Qi Gong Class instruction announced after Thanksgiving to this group only.

Kreb Cycle short video

Short video of the science of our ATP Energy Cycle - if you are interested

krebs image

Kreb Map Pdf

Foods for your Cell Cycle

Foods for your Cell Energy Cycle

We will simplify the Krebs Cycle  energetically!!  and show how to work with it.

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