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I've been doing LOTS of my own research and many BioAcousitc voice prints regarding "nourishing your body" and also the spike protein (and more) connections.  For General Nutrition info -see this first Gallery that I will keep adding to, for more info and on how to detect spike proteins, how to check your glutathione and other important related nutrients

Gallery #1 will have a page of numbers and water infusion programs .. ongoing....  If you have a request or info to add, please email me @

* note:  all references are energetic in nature and I do not prescribe or recommend any physical substances.  Information is for educational  purposes only. Discern and learn, take what resonates and disregard the rest.


Lifewave Patches


Water Infusion

Co Q 10


Water Infusion Programs

Vitamin C


Water Infusion Programs

Bee Pollen


Water Infusions

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number honey.PNG
corona number.jpg
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number nigella.png
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More added , start with the above and return here if this resonates with you

Need a spike protein report?

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