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Free Classes - audio or video

The Real Foods Summit at the Lake Clear Lodge

with WAPF founder Sally Fallon Morrell


a PSB production...

see more at

Intro to Traditional Food Preparations

Ya know - the ones that have kept people healthy for generations


Audios to help you understand the methods and background.  


Click the picture of Sally and her book to hear an interview with Chef Cathy and Sally Fallon Morrell.  


Click the link below for Chef Cathy's intro audio to traditional foods.   

See the free video  - The Real Foods Summit at The Lake Clear Lodge - produced by PBS

Join in our classes to learn more!

Link to Monthly Classes

Join in Onsite or Online


Whether you like "easy-peasy" or "fancy- schmancy" ,

Come on in to Chef Cathy's Old World Kitchen and learn how to keep nutrition in the foods you by.  Join in the follow up forums and Q&As with Chef Cathy and other class participants.  See for more info about Chef Cathy and The Lake Clear Lodge.

Nourishing your Emotions

Releasing Trapped Emotions

self study online and various "live" dates

Let's nourish your emotional body too!

Learn what emotions are yours and what emotions you may have taken on of others. I'll explain how trapped emotions can lead to dis-ease and how you can clear them.


You will also be given a new "frequency recipe" to infuse into your water, teas and soups!

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