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Calibrating Your

Multidimensional Body

Welcome to Class Four 

Informational Flow!

Instructional class, bonuses and Q&A class




Meridians - FLOW

an example of how you can look at emotional issues with 

Lifewave Patching - Sample protocols

sample protocol using Lifewave Patches

Live Class Replay

Here's the replay and powerpoint

Energetic Flow Water infusions

For Meridian Flow

Meridian Flow Chart

Test the priority of your Meridian Information Channels

To start you off - 12 minute intro

Lets get started with Meridian Flow

Cathy & Dr K video

I finally tried the Acupuncture patches and Dr K and I created this video at my place. 

This is our first ever video I think!

Lifewave Acupuncture Patches for Energy Flow

How they work

Calibrating your Bodys Energetic Flow

Intro to the Meridians - coming soon

Why its important to use the 7th Dimension of Sound and Music

this is a facebook video below, 

here is one on YouTube

See the Biofield Balancing CD below

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Calib intro audio - cathy hohmeyer
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