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Water Charging for Meridian Informational Flow

***** NOTE:  Most of the links should now be working. I am finalizing the new uploads. After clicking the link you can download the videos to your device with the down arrow in the top right of the page with the mp4. If you have any question or have trouble downloading, send me an email. 



Play these with a glass or pitcher of water handy, put your attention on the water for the first 10 seconds, it will clear past memories, then prepare the water for your body, then add the intended frequencies / electrical patterns - drink to your health!   You can sip through the day or take a few drinks.


Meridian, Spleen

Spleen Meridian

Meridian, stomach

Stomach Meridian

Meridian, Circulation

Circulation Meridian

Meridian, Liver

Liver Meridian plus

Colon Meridian Flow 1

Meridian Colon 1

Meridian, Lung Flow

Lung Meridian plus

Meridian, Heart

Meridian, Heart

Meridian, small intestine

small intestine

Meridian, bladder


Meridian, Kidney

meridian kidney

Meridian. Gall Bladder

Meridian, Gall Bladder

Balance 3 Axes plus Vagus nerve

VERY important ,especially when we have days like 2.22.18.  Earth magnetics were very different from "normal"

See more in the class page on alignment and grounding. 

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