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Welcome Akashic Academy !

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   LIVE class (tentative)  January 8th 5:30 EST

Present Surprise
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Interested in hosting a retreat? ask about our starter program.

Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body     

           Nine Dimensions of Nourishment

"Managing your frequencies is the true freedom"

- Barbara Hand Clow, The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

and join me every Sunday for my show on the Akashic Academy FB page

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Join my Nutritional Energetics Private FB Support Page

Tons of info, conversations and videos

Intro to Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

My Show with Dr Karen Kan, MD

Infusing Water

A different Holiday Gift Guide

Aligning Yourself through Energy Changes

Align yourself through high energy changes

More with Cathy & Dr Karen Kan on Big Fields

More about the Big Fields with Dr Karen Kan MD. Spiritual Medicine Digest Episode

Do you want to Learn More about essential OIls?

I hold free and purchased classes plus here is my Young Living site - not all companies are created equal plus Young Living has a culinary line!

DIgital Version of our Cookbook

The Common Roots Cookbook - stories, recipes and more 

Healing Your Gut with Bone Broth

More to Bone Broths 


Culturing Foods

Traditional Foods Class

Holistic Health Transformation Program Class

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