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Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body     

           Nine Dimensions of Nourishment

"Managing your frequencies is the true freedom"

- Barbara Hand Clow, The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

See the outline of the Nine Dimensions below and join in my programs to learn more

Come on in to the Sourdough Challenge! Even if you don't make the simple English Muffins with it - you can see how Microbes are there, and that you can create a culture "out of thin air"

Sign up HERE and get an email a day for a week - then make yummy digestible English Muffins (or bread) at the end!   and its all free and sustainable...

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Intro to making your own Probiotic Sodas and Beverages

you tube coming soon

The Nine Dimensions

Learn more about "The Numbers"  Listen to my interview with Lloyd Mear

The 9 Dimensions - class 1 - Cathy Hohmeyer

see also .. google ....   Barbara Hand Clow - Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

listen to her on you tube 

Aligning Yourself through Energy Changes

Align yourself through high energy changes

More from Dr Karen Kan on Big Fields

More about the Big Fields with Dr Karen Kan MD. Spiritual Medicine Digest Episode

Join Karen and I at Dr Karens   Supercharge Your Healing Powers September 7-9 2018 at

Frequency Numbers - Check back often as they change

easiest way is to use these: place on a glass of water for 6 hours, then drink to your health!
cranberries : 67883757738
Egg shell membrane for joints and connective tissue  7856785689426846
great for injuries as well!

Cathy & Dr Karen Kan - Feel Good Chocolate Show

Activations , frequency numbers and all about Chocolate, with Dr Karen Kan and Cathy Hohmeyer

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