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Spike Protein Analysis & Report

These are steps to get a complimentary spike protein analysis from Cathy Hohmeyer

I appreciate your purchase here but if you are under financial duress I will not refuse anyone at this time

Step 1


Read all the directions below through once then go back to step 2


Step 2

Go to

You CAN get one free report from them on their current topics

But for MY services follow the steps below - no need to sign in for my services as you will be sending the voice recording to me...

Step 3

Record your voice on the window on 

that looks like this


Once you record you will see a button   DONE

Press done  then   a download button will appear

Press    DOWNLOAD and it will go to your computer

Email THAT .wav file to me at

and place spike request in the subject

You will get a report back with analysis if any spike proteins are showing high at the moment

Directions will be in your report as to what you can do (how you can listen to the compensating tone right online)  IF  you have any showing HIGH

I can look at your voice analysis as above and look for HIGH notes that correspond to spike frequencies

Stay Nourished everyone!!

When your body has what it needs it knows what to do



record voice window.png
samplevp with dots.png
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