You can book 1:1 sessions or check out my classes and programs.  More will be added starting Jan 2021.

I will be closed for sessions as my family and I welcome guests for the Holiday Season (approx Dec 22- Jan1) at our Nature based wellness resort on the Adirondack Mountains.

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 Don't have time to attend the session?  I offer "remote" sessions

Since this is "energy" I do provide "Remote" sessions; ie an audio report will be sent (without you having to be present in the session.) Please book a time and the session will be done within 48 hours. You will get 10% towards your next session as we dont have to set up a physical time and it is more flexible for me as well 


I'll "see" you there, thank you for your trust, Namaste

Disclaimer :  This is an energetic balancing session only.  


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I have a new booking scheduler - so please watch for a personal email from me within 24 hours after booking to be sure we connect prior to your session.
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