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Book your 3 Session F.I.X. Code Package

I have a new booking scheduler - so please watch for a personal email from me within 24 hours after booking to be sure we connect prior to your session.
Here is my contact form for questions or more information

Cathy's Services

  • Releasing emotional triggers that can contribute to dis-ease

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    30 min

    77 US dollars

Terms of Service

Thank you for requesting an appointment with me!

All appointments and persons related to these appointments must read and agree to the disclaimer below SEE HERE

In order for me to serve you in the best way, here are some suggestions

  • You’ll receive a confirmation of your appointment via email, so if you don’t see anything in your inbox within 24 hours, please check your spam box.  If you still don’t see an email from me, please let me know by filling out the CONTACT form

  • Please try to get on the call exactly on time.  Do not call in early as I may be on a call with someone else and the conference will be locked.  I will usually connect the call right on time so we want to make sure you get as much value as possible.

  • If your consult is 25 minutes, try to keep your questions and explanations down to no more than 5 minutes so we can use the rest of the time for remote testing and healing. You will get the most from the healing time.

  • Notes to recorded sessions.   The audio recording will be an MP3 link that you can download at your leisure.  While I have never had any technical issues, please note that if there are any recording issues, these will not be redone.  Please take notes if you wish, of course. F.I.X. sessions will not be recorded.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do this at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.  I will honor your  booking/ payment for a reschedule within 30 days of the appointment that is cancelled after which the payment is forfeit.

Please note that there are no refunds on booked sessions and session packages, however they can be transferred to a family member.

Thank you !!

Disclaimer: No part of this site is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. Nothing on this site is to be construed as medical advice; the authors are not doctors. Please discuss your personal health, including any options or ideas you may read on the internet (on this site or others) with your personal, qualified health practitioner before making changes to your diet or adjusting/discontinuing any medication. We are not responsible for any adverse outcomes associated with using or misconstruing advice or information on this site.

Stay Nourished, 


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