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Reading your Body Frequencies
via your own voice print

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How to Use Voice Print Information

1)  Occasional "check in" to see how your systems are doing


2)  Systematic Check in for a period if time

        a) ie - if you are concerned about your nutrition - get a VP done every few days for a bit of time and see how you doing (within a week 

        b)  monitor an energy session/s through or after "treatment"

3)  Use dedicated tone boxes to keep your spine or muscles balanced ( many are available)

4)  Work with a practitioner to get personalized frequency tones to balance a certain issue

See a sample presentation by Sharry such as this to understand more.

This one is on Fibromyalgia

more info at



Taking a Frequency voice print


Option 1) Go to and follow the directions. You can get a free report from Sound Health and /or submit it to Cathy

Option 2) Download Audacity, create a file and save as a .wav and send to Cathy

Option 3) ..other options to create a good quality voice file where you can save it as a .wav or .mp3 and email to Cathy

Let's Work Together

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