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Quantum Pantry Module

Reclaiming your Food’s Quantum Blueprint

Nourish and "Up Your Vibe" from the inside out

PLEASE email me at  support @nourishng9d  of you do NOT have facebook and I will email you the materials we produce in facebook

Materials needed:

Clean jars with tops ( you can use Mason jars or the like or start saving empty jars). 

Clear tape, pen or pencil .

Paper to print or write on to make a label for your jar.

Background of Frequency Numbers

  1. Listen to my interview with Lloyd Mear – how he discovered frequency numbers and how they can be used

  1. Down load the FOOD LABELS  I have provided or just write them on “label size” pieces of paper

(see the photos provided)

                         You can just print the paper and cut them into “labels”

                           These will be examples of what you can use – you may have only some of these foods in your kitchen/pantry.  But we can add to the list.


Facebook Discussions 

  1. Why we should care about what is on our pantry…Short discussion on how food has been changed, seed, soil, growing methods. Did you know that the wheat grain is nothing like what your ancestors ate.

  2. The food labels – photos of what you have done

  3. Muscle Testing and foods – I will muscle test some of your foods before and after. For those that test you can join in.

  4. Expansion  -  Share your high vibe foods – I do this in my restaurant

  5. The Fun Stuff – how to make and give High Vibe food gifts (for the Holidays)

  • Get Creative!   Use ingredients that you have infused and/or write the numbers or words on labels.  Your energy friends will LOVE it

  • More labels for you

  • General discussion of your pantry and Q&A

Super Health Food
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