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A state of your health spike protein analysis to ascertain high spike proteins that may be making you feel depleted. They are currently heighted by freqeuncies around us - especially the last week of July 2022

see     page 108 and 109 for reference


Sharry Edwards has decoded many of these proteins and we can provide information within.


See the instructions here and send CATHY the voice print file that is a .wav file


Cathy will do the analysis and IF you have anything to be concerned about she will send instructions on how to find and play the compensating frequencies.


Spike Protein Analysis

$49.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • Go to

    Click the tab thats says RECORD YOUR VOICE

    You do not need to "sign in or create an account unless you want to.

    Record your voice on a computer per instructions but you do NOT need to send it to them unless you want a free report from them of another kind

    When you download the file  onto your computer - it will be a .wav file.  Find this on your computer and email this file to Cathy.   email is . You can also get a free report of your choice from Sound Health if you wish.

    One voice print is fine, use the best microphone you have and we can start from there...

  • Cathy is a BioAcoustics Sound practitioner and has been trained by Sharry Edwards.  You can tell the state of your health by the sound of your voice.....

    Other templates and body issues can be looked at as well...

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