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Pangu Shengong is a simple, highly effective and easy-to-learn method of Qigong (Energy Cultivation) that improves health, well-being and vitality.

Regular practice offers a sense of calm, optimism and feelings of contentment. Thousands of people have used this method to recover from some of the most serious health conditions, and continue to have lives filled with good health and vitality. Groundbreaking in terms of Qigong practice, this 15-20 minute routine provides more benefits than Qigongs requiring more time and greater effort. There are no restrictions. Anyone of any age or ability may participate.


After intensively studying ancient Chinese ways of preserving health, in 1990, Master Ou, in order to enable practitioners to absorb the life force of the universe and to temper and improve their own life force and immune systems, created Pangu Shengong, based on the physiology of the human body and the miraculous relationship between human beings and nature. 

Ultimate Energetic Nourishment

  • Upon purchase we will strive to set up a private session within 78 hours for training based on scheduleof both parties. 

    Video session required, Cathy will send a zoom link that will last 30-45 mintues

    Free ongoing group practice sessions 

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