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Have you been triggered by a strong emotion? While emotions can be on the serious side of course, this is a creative process that self-empowers YOU to be in charge of your own healing. Cathy is certified in the FIX Code process - and has done over 100 hours of emotional release. She is also a Certifed Emotion Code practitioner.


 Empower YOURSELF.   

Lower vibration static in our mind, body and spirit is wreaking havoc in our daily lives. It is preventing us from reaching our goal of " raising our vibration "– feeling light and free from frustration and anxious thoughts.

This is not  talk therapy, no long ceremonies, months of appointments or relying on someone else. This technique is all YOU.

Developed by Daniel Fleury - Fleury Intuitive eXtractions...

there is no testing your energy field or even "talking" about the problem - therefore it is very non invasive and private.. 

I do not need to know the situation - I will just guide to to find and erase the trigger response .....  

lasting effects and effective in all kinds of relationships and health situations as emotions are very key to finding energy flow "blocks"


Depending on YOU, the session will be one hour or 2 half hours. This will be determined within the session as it develops.


Upon booking, we will schedule the session , usually within 78 hours.


Once you understand the process, subsequent sessions can be booked  as a packet,  for almost immediatly for support.

F.I.X. - Fun, Intuitive, "eXtractions" of emotional energies

  • This is energetic support and not medical advice.

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