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Are you fed up with :

  • Trying to figure out which diet is best for you?

  • Not finding organic foods in the grocery isle?

  • Constantly trying to find really good foods ?

  • Spending money on supplement after supplement?

  • Thinking that most everything you eat has toxins, additives or preservatives?



Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body offers a new level of nutritional assistance which can increase the value of your foods and upgrade your bodies nutrition!


I am Cathy Hohmeyer – occupational therapist, Executive Chef and Energy practitioner

Eons ago – we stepped down needed to learn to feed a denser and denser body. Now ! we are stepping back up!

I’ve spent over 30 years developing this step-up process and I would like tot invite you to my kitchen!


Nutrition is becoming :

Multidimensional – we can nourish at the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension and beyond

Diet less – during the changes of today, our body needs different foods at different times, and sometimes, it may not even make sense what your body is telling you that it needs -it’s OK to listen

Limitless - when you unlock your thinking and think in terms of light, energy and frequency and good food!

“As above so below” ….

…… Let's start to move out of the duality of


What’s Good and Bad , Right and Wrong, Cheap and Expensive

  • Processed or Unprocessed

Empower yourself! Lets learn why we can start to let go of guilt when it comes to food.

Unlock your thinking for just a minute!


Have you forgotten about the “age old” homeopathic remedies? Or the Bach flower remedies?

I teach you to cook with essential oils – and help your foods be at higher level of nutrition


How can we use these in different ways now – to change the dis-ease in eating to ease and fun!




With Nutritional Energetics you Can Have Fun and Feel More Empowered!

What would it feel that you could:

  • Upgrade the level of your food just by preparing it differently?

  • Minimize the negative impact of food processing and additives?

  • Learn to nourish mind, body and soul with specific energies?

  • Take an energized bath or make an energized salad dressing?

  • Even have fun creating your own infused water “tonic” bar

  • Nourish yourself more when you eat less?​


12 Superfood Essentials MP3


With 12 weeks attunement and 12 PDF


Bonus #1  2- Nutritional Support

video classes


Bonus #2

New Release

Intro to Mindful Preparations

Common Roots Cookbook




  • Option 2   $65  


12 Superfood Essentials MP3


With 12 weeks attunement and 12 PDF


Bonus #1  2- Nutritional Support

video classes


Bonus #2

PDF Book – New Release

Intro to Mindful Preparations



7 Live Online Training Workshops and Cooking Classes

Including Nutrition through the Nine Dimensions


Private FB support group




  • Option 3    $75




8 Live Online Training Workshops with Cooking Classes


Private FB support group


A 30 min 1:1 remote session with Cathy


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