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Convergence of Wellness Retreat October 27-30th, 2017
Who you will meet: Sneak peak!
Build your own retreat : Choose from a base package of yoga, energetics or cooking
Meet and talk with Peter Schenk!
The Lodge is excited to announce that Peter will be attending the retreat and will offer two workshops!
see more at his website
and listen in to our "chat" below
Peter Schneck - with Cathy Hohmeyer

Meet Dr Karen Kan, MD

Dr Karen Kan is an MD who found healing in "Energy Medicine"

Dr Karen's first retreat here at the Lake Clear Lodge produced her program The Holistic Health Transformation Program, with Cathy featured as the chef for two cooking classes.

Since then Karen has been featured on many Health Summits, Radio Shows and much more...

Dr Karen will be participating in some of the sessions - come and say hello in person as well as look for her Retreat here Fall 2018!

Experience a Unique Sound Bath

October 28, 2017

As part of the Retreat or on its own

Dinner and a Sound bath 

Yoga in the Adirondacks!!

October 27, 2017

Yoga with Mary Bartel

Mary owns and operates her own yoga studio in Saranac Lake NY - right nearby The Lodge. 


This retreat will provide you with the opportunity for exploring the magnificence of your multi-dimensional body and feeling nourished on your deepest soul level.

- Let-go … Let-be … Dive Inward
- Recollect and reconnect with your whole sense of being

Participate in:
- Experience yoga and meditation practices that are progressively enlightening, rooted in the classical yoga teachings from the great sage Patanjali’s eight limbed path.
- Experience mindfulness meditations and teachings from the Buddha, which guide practitioners to greater awareness.
- You’ll be guided in deepening your sensitivity, to experience your multi-dimensionality from the densest of feeling sensations to the subtlest, and feel how all is interconnected.

Your Host, Chef and Energist, Cathy

Explore Nutrient packed foods and cooking plus energetics with Cathy

I would love to meet you at my home and Lake Clear Lodge, October 26-30th, 2017

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