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Nutritional Energetics Interviews

(or if you are in Northern NY stop by my Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat


Interview with Lloyd Mear

Using Number Frequencies - Balancing by the Numbers, with Lloyd Mear.  A fascinating look at a Civil Engineer who discovered the value of number frequencies to heal himself, and others.

There is a public Facebook page, Lloyd Mear Balancing by Numbers.

Gaia tv also has an hour long interview with Regina Meredith.

Click the player below to listen to Lloyd, all about his numbers and some great tips!

The Anahata Codes

Holly Hallowell has developed over 1000 codes of assisting frequencies!  These include crystals, trees, essential oils and much, much more.

You can download these codes for free from her site.


Here she tells us how they developed for her and why we have an amazing journey ahead of us.

BioEnergetics Part 1

Meet Tyhson Banigan - "The Energy Detective" .  He shares some energetic tips and info you don't want to miss!

And listen to more in the next interview - complete with a clearing for you!

BioEnergetics : The Food of Life Part 2

There are two major types of outside energy influences - learn tips to manage them. Free clearing included to listen to anytime, over.  Thanks  Thyson Banighen

Your Holographic Blood Part 1

When I learned that Dr Bigelson saw energetic "symplasts" in the blood that gave him clues to ones health - I took notice!  Listen in to Part One for some background of this fascinating look into our blood.  When we get into Nourishing the Nine Dimensions, this will be particularly pertinent. 

Over the course of his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person's total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person's emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that it will be shared with the world.? -Dr. Masaru Emoto


Join Adam and Josh Bigelsen for an informative and exciting lecture on the philosophies of wellness and how it relates to the ‘Holographic Blood'. Don't miss the unique information! and they will be back for Part 2

Your Holographic Blood Part 2

Another installment on how looking at your Holographic Blood can give you messages about your body!

Find out how !

Your Holographic Blood Part 3

The Bigelson Brothers continue with emotions in the blood and we chat about nutrition!

Intro to Essential Oils audio


Lynn Cameron has been working with and studying essential oils for over 3 decades.  

Essential oils are high frequency plant essences - I call them the soul of the plant.   Listen in to hear how to use essential oils to "up your vibe" .    And you can ask Lynn questions in the Nutritional Energetics facebook page or email

Lynn and Cathy use high quality oils from Young Living - contact Cathy to purchase them

Up the Vibe of Your Foods with Essential OIls - video

Chef Cathy tells you about "cooking" with essential oils and the favorites that she uses.

What Keeps Healthy People Healthy?

What foods have kept healthy people free of degenerative diseases and mental health issues??  This was a 10 year study involving healthy peoples from ALL OVER the world. 

Around 1930 - Weston A Price studied and lived with populations all over the world - he traveled to Africa, Alaska, Switzerland and many more places trying to find what made health people healthy.  His research discovered 11 common denominators - and these 11 are what are helping to heal us today.

Cathy has been a Weston A Price Chapter Leader for over 10 years, teaching these traditional food preparations.  Lynn Cameron is Cathy's co-Chapter Leader as well.


 Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore you can use some or all of these principles.

Cathy and her Family hosted the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) in June 2016. Over 100 people came to listen to Sally Fallon Morel, President and Founder of the WAPF and eat a real foods lunch.  The Lake Clear Lodge offered a week long retreat - so interested people could eat real foods and participate in cooking classes. 

Click on Sally's picture below to go to the WAPF website to learn more.

Hunger and the Real Food Connection

What is an ideal food store like?  Real foods made with community and care.  Listen in !


If you are near the San Francisco California area ( or near me in the Adirondacks) you can shop and get foods like these.

Click on the Full Moon feast picture to get a glimpse of this awesome store with 100% traditional real foods preparations.



Intro to Adaptogenic Herbs

Learn all about Adaptogens!  with herbalist  and energy worker Chani Greiner.

Chani used to work for us here at The Lodge and has since moved on to work with her own Holistic Company in New England

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Balancing By Numbers Lloyd and Cathy - Cathy Hohmeyer
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