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Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

                                                 with Chef / Energist Cathy Hohmeyer

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Live Monday, Dec 22nd 8:30 PM EST

   limited time replay provided

" I highly recommend that you view the video,

on the left,


the first half of which is Brenda's talk, followed by the second half of Q&A. A short summary is given towards the end.

  • Triad Wave was created as a bridge for Humanity to move across from old systems to our new multidimensional one

  • Earth Project's 5 primary focus points: Future Science and Technology / Spiritual Education / Compassion in alignment with New Feminine energies / Galactic Unity / Self Awareness, Self Preservation and Perseverance

  • What was causing the interference that prohibited our advanced state of awareness?

  • The root  cause of our separation could be traced back to our spiritual and physical disconnection from our original blueprint design, much of which was taken from us and now it's time for us to bring it back

  • The Star Nations that had taught the Indigenous are now back to ensure that there's no way to manipulate or stop our evolution

  • Mentions that Majestic 12 interfered to prevent Triad Wave from becoming reality

  • Explains how the Triad Wave works with the Schumann Resonance, allowing for the increased spikes in frequencies that we see so often now (I had expressed concern about this in my earlier post about Brenda Williams, and was happy to assume then that it allowed for this adjustment)

  • (At this point in the video, the thought that the technology was sentient did cross my mind)

  • Leads the audience in an RBQT (Reset Breath Quiet Touch) session.

There so much more that Brenda covers, so do please watch the video. "

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