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Dr Karen Kan and Cathy Hohmeyer as we discuss "Feel good frequencies" and real chocolate!

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Chocolate Elixir

Raw chocolate elixir

cacao, vitamin B complex, marine phytoplankton, raw honey, raw sprouted almonds, plus

unconditional love/bliss, super hydration, super oxygenation and a nadial system cleanse

To make - place a glass of water ( to the right of your computer) , play the program with the intention ON your water for  at least 15 seconds..   and let the program finish


You now have a super frequency elixir  - bump up your hot chocolate or infuse it into water or other beverage

Feel good frequency Numbers

Numbers here on Valentines Day - listen to the show above - they are there and in the chat

Align Yourself to the main Earth Axis

Grounding vs Aligning..... Align yourself to the changing Earth Axis as we go through changing times .

Play this with your attention on your water for the Intention to be imprinted into it

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