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What is Balancing By the Numbers?


For over 30 years Lloyd Mear has been working with numerical sequences as frequencies of the body to help balance the body's systems. Listen in to learn more.

​Cathy Hohmeyer spoke with Lloyd Mear - he explains how part of this process works.  Cathy use them in her work as well and finds that the numbers can be very empowering for people.  People may be cautious of "energy work", but numbers seem to make sense.  energy = frequency = numbers for our human blueprint. 

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What are Anahata Codes

Anahata Codes are "Assiting Frequencies"

Free download for thousands of number frequencies. Plus online workshops and more.

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With Lloyd Mear - Cathy Hohmeyer
Nutritional Energetics
Energy = frequency = numbers
Learn how to enhance the positive frequencies in your body and field
Interviews below with Cathy Hohmeyer and guests....
all this is apart of Cathy's Nutritional Energetics Program
with Peter Schenck - software and more at
Peter Schneck - with Cathy Hohmeyer

Meet Peter at the Lake Clear Lodge

October 27-30, 2017

This interview is primarily about his "flagship" software program Aquaware
see more at his website
and listen in to our "chat" below
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