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Resources to Understand the Emotion Code and Body Code

and other remedies added to your session

                                                                                    Please note that the suggestions were at the time of your session, it is best to act on the right away. Although these are all great additions for anyone at most anytime within general parameters, as your body changes the recommendations may change as to the BEST ones for you at the moment.



Superfoods & Super Herbs
Certified Superfoods Nutritionist

The most natural and co-energetic "supplements" for our body are superfoods and super herbs - those foods and herbs with high levels of vitamins, mineral and cofactors


Here are a list of Superfoods and Herbs

Herbs/Essential OIls

Herbs and Essential OIls - use as aromatherapy, use in foods, topical 

How your body can tell you what you need

If you want to learn to listen, your body can tell you what is best.


Energy Medicine Techniques


Earthing, BEMER technology and 

Acupuncture without needles (Lifewave technology)

Bodies are electrical and magnetic. Many techniques can bring you back to balance so that nutrients can reach the cells

The Body Code / Emotion Code

Trapped emotions can be identified and released for better health

Definitions of Emotions


German New Medicine

the body / mind /emotion links correlated and charted and backed by MRI studies

Look at dis-ease and healing in a whole new way


Holistic You Tube links
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