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BSP Intensive - this week -application ends Sunday 10PM EST

Do you have time to commit to healing this week?

If you can identify your symptoms of feeling as being in a cycle, and/or if you think it is "microbiome" related . ..   fill out the contact form below to tell me you want to be considered with a short why...

I have a few spots - so if you are accepted ...

1) You will be sent an assessment form to fill out before and after

2) You will agree to receive use the Lightwave balancing twice a day (balances elementals, chakras and 12 body systems)

3) As energy exchange you will offer feedback - the form of testimonial 

4) Participate or listen to the 4 classes this week - you will be given an access link

5) Follow simple instructions and participate til at least 4/13.

6) Agree to have an open mind about the awesome info

Listen here on Sunday to get a partial preview - some of this info will be apart of my new package coming up - link will be live at  1PM EST on my Akashic Academy Show - share the link if you'd like... Broadcast Studio   

If you don't find you can participate but want to sign up for my newsletter - fill i n below noting ..newsletter

Stay Nourished,             (and dont forget to come and meet Dr Karen and I here in                                                          September)


Thanks! Message sent.

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