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Do you cook alot or a little?  Do you want to learn a new technique ? Do you want to learn to cook healthier foods, or just to cook a little more at home?

Do you want to learn about herbs, spices or superfoods?  Or how about a nutritional consult?



The Nitty Gritty
FUNdamentals Classes


These are classes created for fun and exploration. They are "short and sweet" and always have a mission in the end.


They have a little explanation, but don't get caught up in too much theory or science.


These classes may introduce other techniques, foods and styles - you may explore other FUNdamental classes or move on to the "Nitty Gritty" classes.


FUNdamentals are the simple  "how to" and "why you might want to" classes!  


Heritage FUNdamentals

Wellness FUNdamentals

Traditional Foods FUNdamentals

Cooking FUNdamentals

* categories may overlap

The Nitty Gritty 


A step above the FUNdamentals classes, these are for getting a bit more in depth in exploring a particular topic and the variations of particular topics


These classes may be one topic or a combo, one entree or an entire meal. Or you can request a topic for your small group.  Ask about the team building or Girls/Guys/Couples night out classes.


These allow for ongoing discussion for learning.



Heritage Nitty Gritty

Wellness Nitty Gritty

Traditional Nitty Gritty

Cooking Basics Nitty Gritty

* categories may overlap

The Advanced Nitty Gritty


Once you have mastered the basics there is always more..  


More in depth learning and variations. How to share with others.


There may be opportunities for assisting in teaching as well.


Heritage Advanced 

Wellness Advanced

Traditional Advanced

Cooking Basics Advanced

* categories may overlap

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