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You will need the Quanta Capsule link as a one time fee.

Then you can submit your voice and photo.  I will create the confidential analysis and share them to your Quanta Capsule - you can create and play your own personalized tones as you wish for 7 days.


The Get Nourished Challenge!!  You can submit a rescan whenever you wish - most effective will be to use your tones, each day if you can for those 7 days and then resubmit for a session. This 4 session pack will nourish and balance for 4 weeks back to back.


This is a 4 session pack without booking a 1:1 time - sessions are requested and delivered thu the app and email.


If you wish to meet on a 1:1 zoom session , there is an additional charge.

This is offered to know more about the Genius app or to see details of the scans if you wish (once in a while), and to connect personally when you wish.

Stay Nourished!!

Chef Cathy

BioFeedback 4 session pack

$276.00 Regular Price
$97.00Sale Price
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