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Wellness Events Spring 2016

The Lake Clear Lodge is honored to host two awesome wellness events Spring 2016 - one in May and one in June ! These are worth your investment and time and money and are absolute game changers

- don't miss them!

~ ~ ~ ~ Be sure to look for the Blog Talk Radio shows featuring the speakers and hosts ~ ~ ~ ~

Come for the day, the weekend or the week - special lodging discounts! and GREAT idea for Mothers Day gifts...

May 13-15, 2016 3rd Annual Holisitic Health Event with Dr Karen Kan and team Holistic health that is cutting edge, yet "down to earth" plus nutrition and nourishing cooking preparations. Come have some fun with us!

awesome! to get a copy of the program email me

June 3-8th, 2016 A Weston A Price Conference and Retreat

Featuring Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the WAPF!

Saturday is the all day conference, there's an interpretive traditional foods dinenr on Saturday an a limited seating Lunch with Sally on Sunday. Learn to prepare foods to maintain nutrition. Stay on for the retreat for good company and informative workshops.



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